Encountering the Presence

Our cry is that of Moses, “If Your presence doesn’t go with us, then do not send us.” We are desperate for His Presence!

We recognize that His presence is absolutely essential to our lives. We value a personal relationship with God and dependence upon the Holy Spirit.

Encountering Faith

We live as if all things are possible for those who believe.

We live on the unshakeable nature of His kingdom and promises. We approach life in confidence and in boldness, knowing that His Presence goes before us and His Kingdom is one of Abundance. We choose to praise in all circumstances and not walk in fear.

Encountering Wholeness

We encounter God for the healing of our whole being and the revelation of our identity as sons and daughters.

As His blessed and redeemed people we invite His Presence into every part of our Spirit, Soul and Body. We pursue physical and inner healing and encourage healthy and balanced lifestyles. We address our past hurts, traumas and issues in order for our past to have no effect as we walk in wholeness today. 

Encountering Truth

We base our lives on the standard of God’s Word.

We encounter the Presence of God through His Word and base our culture, belief systems, and all areas of life on the standard of the Bible. How we operate as a church, how we live our lives and make decisions is based on the Bible rather than our traditions, our culture, or convenience.

Encountering Worship

Worship is a weapon of our warfare, clearing the atmosphere and bringing us face to face with the Father.

We encounter the Presence of the Lord as we minister to Him and He ministers to us. Worship aligns us with the agenda of the Spirit of the Lord.

Encountering Authentic Relationships

We are healthy in our relationships as we walk in the reality of God’s grace and acceptance. 

We have been given the ability to work toward healthy relationships according to the standard of Jesus Christ and we will remind each other of this reality. We speak the truth in love and choose healthy conflict resolution, not living in the fear of rejection or punishment. We live from knowing that we are Accepted in the Lord, so we let others see our imperfections and give grace to one another while we work toward wholeness.

Encountering the Good News

We are unconditionally loved by God and desire to bring that Good News everywhere we go.

The Good News of the Gospel is that God’s love and acceptance is not contingent upon our personal righteousness, therefore neither is our love and acceptance of others. Jesus has settled the issue of sin, therefore we do not live in fear of sin or sinful people because Jesus’ blood is enough. We are called to take His Good News into our world bringing transformation. We reach out to those around us and partner with the expansion of His Kingdom around the world.