Members, Connect Through Breeze

NLCC had begun implementing a new church management system called Breeze a few months ago; little did we know just how valuable it would be for such a time as this. Staying connected with our church body is so important right now and Breeze is making it easier because we now have an online directory available to you!

Login to Breeze

Please note: member accounts need to be created by our admin. All members have been sent an email invitation to complete their account setup. Please check your email and follow the steps below! If you did not receive an email please email

Set-Up Your Account

We need your cooperation ASAP to make sure all the information in the directory is accurate. We merged a number of systems together and the Breeze database needs a little tidying up.

And this is how you can help:

Create an account with Breeze

You will be receiving an email invitation to create an account. Please take the time to (about 5-10 minutes):

  1. Create a User Name and Password
  2. Login
  3. Verify your information, make corrections, and upload a picture!

If you need assistance for additional changes to your information or setting up your account, please, contact Mary at or 920-822-7117.