Acts 1:13 Renegades

To live Coram Deo is to live one’s entire life in the presence of God, under the authority of God, to the glory of God.

This means we are a people who hunger to live in the presence of God above all else; we will pursue upper room experiences, knowing God as our highest goal and greatest privilege. We believe this is the purpose of our lives and will bring us the greatest joy, fulfillment and meaning, which we are all searching for.

We refuse to be defined by the world and religious standards; we are defined, only by Jesus! This makes us unusual renegades, not rebellious or disrespectful, yet firmly in the hands of God. No matter where the world wants to take us or what religion expects of us, we are only molded by Father God, who holds us.


Set a generation on fire for Jesus- We have a generation to save. 



That we would be a place where real encounters happen, we would equip people to know their identity and be discipled by Jesus, find their purpose, meaning and adventure- empowering youth to do what Jesus did to save a generation. 



Pastor Samuel Preaches Pastor Samuel Preaches Group Conversation Training Day

Every Wednesday starts at 3:00PM

Doors will open at 3:00PM (come whenever school is out) 

We will have a “Snack Shake” with afterschool snacks available for inexpensive prices.

Video games, board games, space to do homework, etc. are available before the night begins!

Worship and teaching will begin at 4:15PM

Everything will wrap up around 5:30PM 

We will host a Question & Answer time on our Instagram page @coram_deo_113 to give everyone a chance to think about what was just taught and find any questions they have! 





MARCH 2021

We are taking a weekend to learn what God says about Sex & Sexuality, as well as breaking off the shame and twisted belief systems that world tries to enforce on us.


JULY 2021

Wilderness… by definition is dangerous, untamed, unpredictable, it’s wild.

There is a mysterious attraction to it… a longing for it in our souls.

because there is danger, yes, it is untamed, unpredictable and yet…

It is simple, beautiful, peaceful…quiet… powerful. The distractions and business, the noise of like is stripped away, and maybe that is the most dangerous part of it all, the wild introduces us… to ourselves.

Jesus was led into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit for 40 days.

He was tempted in every way… but He overcame the wild and left with power because He encountered God and was tested.

So this summer – we are setting out into the wilderness, for 7 days – we are seeking an encounter with Jesus, that we might leave the wilderness with power to live like Him!

If you feel that longing, the danger, the beauty and need to strip things away, to know God and yourself; join us – it’s going to be WILD!