Our Children’s ministry’s focus is on helping kids know how to become powerful world changers in God’s Kingdom!

Our goal is to make each child see how uniquely special they are while helping them develop their personal relationship with Jesus. Our Kids church is a safe caring environment where God’s love, power and call shines!

New Life has Children’s Church whose goal is to have Church! So while you are attending the morning service,  your children are learning the foundations of Christianity in Kids Church! 

There is no junior Holy Spirit! Our children are smart, open and braver than we could ever imagine! We are here to encounter Jesus with our children. We are here to teach and train them in The Spirit of God and give them the opportunity to know the fullness of His Kingdom! This is not in place of ‘big church’ but in addition to, equal to and partnering with ‘big church’!

We are so excited to learn how to be childlike again!


We share the love of Jesus each week through our:

  • Worship

  • Praying for specific needs and each other.

  • Encouraging friendships.

  • Engaging them in awesome Bible lessons and Holy Spirit

  • Fun games, crafts and activities.

Our current curriculum is through Metro Ministries



You are able to check your child in and send them back to the classroom.

You will recieve a name tag for your child(ren) and a tag for yourself to use for pick up.

Pick up ENDs 15 Minutes after service does (Be sure to bring your pick up tag)



There are weeks we have the privilege of worshiping with the Children of New Life!

You are able to sign your child in and bring them to the designated “KID ZONE”

They are encouraged to engage in worship by singing, drawing what the Lord is showing them, and listening by the leader assigned that service. At the end of worship they are dismissed and escorted to the classroom where they will be taught more about Jesus, His word and His Spirit!


We are blessed with a wonderful Team! All of our team have a true desire to develop your child’s relationship with Christ and are committed to helping your child be the very best they can be. Our children are encouraged to see themselves as Jesus sees them; a beautiful child of God. To ensure the highest of standards for our staff, all teachers have completed background checks.