Prayer Changes Everything!

We continually see the hand of God moving in the Pulaski and greater Green Bay area in powerful ways. A committed group of Christians from various churches in our region will stand on God’s word to see a miracle come to you. Whether you’re seeking peace, direction, physical or emotional healing, hope, restoration of a relationship, forgiveness, provisions or clarity, God wants to reveal to you His greatness and goodness!

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Need Prayer?

Submit your prayer request below. We pray over all requests as a group on Tuesday evening at our prayer and worship service and have many dedicated intercessors who pray for needs throughout the week.


Let each generation tell its children of Your mighty acts; let them proclaim Your power. I will meditate on Your majestic, glorious splendor and Your wonderful miracles. Your awe-inspiring deeds will be on every tongue; I will proclaim Your greatness. Everyone will share the story of Your wonderful goodness; they will sing with joy about Your righteousness. PSALM 145: 4-7

Tuesday evening praise and prayer was the setting for two individuals coming forward to get prayer for relief of ongoing pain. As some of the elders laid hands on them, all the pain immediately left their bodies.

Jaw, Knee, and Shoulder Touched By God, Physical Healing

An area elderly gentleman heard about New Life’s Tuesday night prayer meetings and came to get prayed for. For 22 years he had been struggling with an irritating throat problem that resulted in intense coughing episodes that sometimes caused him to pass out. After being prayed for at the prayer meeting the coughing completely went away.

Irritating Throat & Intense Coughing Healed, Sickness Healing

A Pulaski area man living in a constant state of guilt and shame over several decades is now free. At a recent service the bondage of a destructive addiction he had carried for years was finally broken.

Freed From an Addiction, Addiction Broken

A couple from Pulaski stopped at the church to share something God was revealing to the husband. In the process of conversation he mentioned his ongoing back pain he’d been living with since 1969 when he was involved in an automobile accident. He was reminded that according to scripture, Jesus not only paid for sin, but also for healing. By faith, we declared that provision in the name of Jesus and instantly all the pain left his back. For the first time in 46 years he could twist his body and bend over forward with ABSOLUTELY NO PAIN.

46 Years of Back Pain Healed, Physical Healing

After many years of coping with an irritating neck pain, a retired man came to our Tuesday night prayer meeting. He was prayed for and he received back full mobility in his neck and the pain left him.

Neck Pain Gone, Physical Healing

A woman from Pulaski has been living with a urinary tract disorder for over 12 years. Several unsuccessful remedies were tried over the years to cure the problem. She finally opted for surgery to resolve the disorder, unfortunately, that too did not help. Recently at a prayer service, this woman came forward for prayer and God instantly healed her of her disorder. She left the service completely healed and set free from all discomfort.

Healing From Pain and Disorder, Physical Healing

A woman visiting New Life had been struggling with a foot injury that wasn’t healing properly. A young lady laid hands on the woman’s foot and as she prayed a tingling feeling went up the woman’s foot to the knee area and back to her foot several times. A short time later all the pain in the woman’s foot was gone and didn’t come back.

Freed From Foot Pain, Physical Healing

A guest at a church function shared of a stomach disorder she was suffering from caused by a parasite she’d gotten while traveling. The illness causing parasite was discovered by an upper GI endoscopy. As one of the church members prayed for the woman, she could feel a heat sensation in her stomach. She went to the doctor and they could no longer find any evidence or presence of the parasite. All the discomfort and symptoms went away as well.

Stomach Parasite Gone, Sickness Healing

A couple on the brink of separation saw God do a miracle in their relationship. God softened hearts that were hardened. God restored affection and love that had been missing a long time. This couple has a renewed sense of purpose for their marriage and their family. The children in the home have witnessed this amazing transformation.

Marriage Restored, Relationship Restoration

A Pulaski woman was in two different car accidents nearly twenty years ago, leaving her with ongoing back pain. Doctors had told her they’d done all they could for her and they had no other solutions for her back. After a message on God’s desire to reveal His goodness in tangible ways, the woman responded to an invitation for healing. A few members of the church gathered around her and prayed and immediately all the pain left her body.

Back Injury Healed, Physical Healing

We have been praying for God’s provision with a financial need in our family. We were greatly blessed to find a generous amount of funds anonymously in our mail box. This really meant a lot to us in our time of need.

God Provides Financial Blessings, Provision

After an ongoing lifestyle of turning to drinking to cope with life’s challenges, a young lady was healed from the disease.

Healed from Alcoholism, Addiction Broken